Monday, January 19, 2009

Angela is a Nerd!

It's no surprise to anyone to hear me described as a "nerd" or "geek." I've been that way my entire life, and it's a personality trait I embrace. However, I have soared to new nerdy heights this week.

About five months ago, I heard about TwiCon, a Twilight convention being held in Dallas this coming July/August. I thought it sounded like fun, so I hemmed and hawed over buying a ticket. While reading through the formal programming itinerary, I came across a statement announcing that they were accepting academic papers on various topics to be presented in panels and roundtable discussions while at the convention. Well, delving into my lifelong love of vampires (insert nerd joke here), I decided to do a little research on vampire myths throughout the world. After three months of research and countless hours logged in the NWC library, I finished my paper: 25 pages (not counting a 6 page bibliography) and 6743 words. Now, having been out of college for several years, I consider this quite a feat. I won't go into all the teasing and harrassing I got from my husband...however, I will say that he was very supportive of me through my months of temporary insanity.

To my surprise, yesterday I received an e-mail from the director of formal programming. My paper was accepted, and I will be presenting it in a panel during the convention. Here's where my nerves kick in: they are expecting 2500 people to attend this convention. Now, if only 10% of that goes to the panel, we're still talking 250 people. Heaven knows, I am not one for public speaking (I write out my church talks word for word because I get up there and panic), so I am eternally grateful for the six months of preparation I have ahead of me.

But, that's my great excitement. I know it's nothing grand, but life has been slow at the Richardson household, so any news is big news!

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