Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

We spent Easter in Worland this year, as it'll be our last full-family holiday for about a year. Sha's husband, Brandon, is being deployed to Kuwait next week, so it was a last chance for everybody to be together. Grandma Strom, Rudy, Dorine, Dejah and Ethan joined us from Cowley, much to Kerrigan's amusement. She made fast friends with her great-uncle Rudy (I think it's mainly because he brought puppies with him). Here's a few pictures from our weekend:

Here are some videos, as well:

There will be more soon. It's taking forever for them to upload!


Emily Asay said...

She looks so big in her easter dress!!

Jill Asay said...

I love Kerrigan's Easter dress...too cute!