Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Slacking Off

I apologize for not keeping up with my blogging like I should be. Life has been hectic, to say the least, for the past month.

Brandon has started college again. This time he's enrolled in the nursing program at NWC. Thankfully he's got an easy course load (though he'd be the first one to argue with me) with Anatomy/Physiology, Cultural Anthropology, and General Psychology. He's also pulling in 37 hours at work each week, so I have to commend him for both working and going to school full time! He's such a hard worker and I appreciate everything that he does for our family!

Kerrigan also started school this month. She's going to the Children's Resource Center preschool here in Powell. She's not too keen on not getting to stay home with Mommy all day, but she's getting used to the idea. She goes to school Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30-10:30 in the morning. Her favorite part of school would be the pet bunny, Smudge. She also loves the pretend room because it has a huge kitchen set and she can play house 'til her little heart's content. She's also been going to daycare for a few hours every day, which has been a wonderful thing for her! Her language skills have improved exponentially and she's even made a new friend!

And why does Kerrigan go to daycare, you may ask (or not). I took a job as a paraeducator at Parkside Elementary here in Powell. I work mainly with at-risk students in kindergarten and first grade, with a little help in third and fifth grade sprinkled in for a change of scenery. I love it so far, although it's an adjustment working at the school that I attended for so long. An even harder habit to break is calling the other teachers by their first name instead of "Mrs. Something-or-other." I find myself in trouble several times a day because I just can't help it.

Not much else has been happening in our lives. School, school, work, and more school! We're busy and it seems like our time together gets shorter and shorter with each day, but we're enjoying trying out new things!

Here's some pictures from the past few months as well.
Kerrigan's first day of preschool

New wall color in the dining room

The world's most dangerous creature

Brandon's "GQ" pose at the Dinosaur Park in Ogeden

Me and Dimetrodon

Darien, Brandon & Krista about to do the suicide drop ride thing at Lagoon

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