Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big News!!

So, I guess it's time for our bi-monthly (or bi-yearly) update. While we wish things were slowing down, they are only doing the opposite. Brandon and I both have three weeks left in the semester, so we're counting down the days until summer! Unfortunately, Brandon didn't make it into the nursing program this year, but there's always next year! We just registered for classes for fall semester, and it'll be another busy one!

Now, on to catching up! Over Easter, Mom, Kerrigan, and I went down to Ogden to visit Krista. (Pictures of Easter will be posted later as they're still on Brandon's camera). While we were there, Kerrigan got to spend some time with her Skype pen-pal, Ari. We went to an AWESOME children's museum. We spent a couple of hours there, but Kerrigan could have easily spent all day. The only problem was the fact that she refused to spend more than two minutes in any exhibit other than the music room (which, for her, was heaven on Earth!)

The Easter Bunny even found Kerrigan in her hotel room (she was soooo surprised!)

Also, for my Valentine's Day present, Brandon got me tickets to "Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular." Basically, it's put on by the BBC, based on the documentary, "Walking With Dinosaurs," and featured life-sized animatronic dinosaurs in an arena show. All in all I thought it was pretty cool. Granted, there's no way to get absolute perfect movement or appearance, but it was well put together and really held my interest (I'm not so sure about Brandon).

(More videos to follow in the next post)

Brandon has also been hard at work doing some home improvement stuff. We had an awkward little alcove/space in the kitchen right as you walked in the back door. It never really made sense and was a source of frustration on my part the entire time we've been living here. Well, a few months back I had a grand epiphany to turn it into a closet. While we were in Utah, Brandon did some hard work and made me a fabulous closet!

I'm also helping out with the 2nd grade dinosaur unit at Parkside, something I haven't done since I was in 2nd grade. Kerrigan and I made trilobite cookies last week. Boy, were they yummy! (well, as yummy as extinct bugs can be)

And on to our big news: we're having a baby! We announced it to our families last week, and Kerrigan is very excited to get to be a big sister. The baby is due December 11th (which happens to be the weekend right before finals!). We'll post more information when we have it, which will hopefully be soon. Hopefully it'll give me incentive to keep up with regular posting!


Jill Asay said...

Well, CONGRATS to you guys! Hope your feeling well!

Megan Foulger said...

Congratulations!!!! That is exciting!

Adam Stephanie KaileeJo and Taydom said...

Congrats on number 2. I know going to school and being pregnant is soo tough so good luck. I am so excited for you!!