Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jasper's First Haircut

I am a self-admitted lover of little boys with long curly blonde hair. I am an even bigger lover of my son with long curly blonde hair! Unfortunately, there comes a point where it gets too long (boo!) and has to be cut. Jasper had little "wings" over his ears (or as my family called them: "Grandpa Munsters") that would stick out upwards of three inches on a good day. So, last time we visited my parents in Worland, Grandma Foulger offered to trim his hair (and give Daddy satisfaction in the knowledge that I would allow Jazz's hair to be cut). It's amazing how much snipping off a few little hairs above his ears changed him from my little baby boy into such a little man.
The "Before" shot

The "After" shot

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