Sunday, August 7, 2011

Butterfly, Fly Away

Last night we released a butterfly at Kerrigan's camp site. This was not just any ordinary butterfly. This butterfly was very, very special! It just so happens that last summer, Kerrigan and Opa found a caterpillar that was getting ready to make a chrysalis. They caught it and put it in a jar with a few sticks, and there it waited. When Kerrigan passed, the jar got moved to Aunt Jill's bedroom until Oma found it a couple days ago. Thinking that it was dead, she prepared to throw it away. But lo and behold, she saw movement and before long something began to emerge. For all any of us knew, it could have been an ugly moth or tiny little butterfly, but, no. It was a yellow and black beauty. Oma & Opa took the butterfly to her campsite where we released it. It had a bit of a difficult time sticking to anywhere as it had been stuck in the jar for so long. We finally moved it to the safety of her wreath so that it could have a little shelter from the storm that was blowing in. The last we saw, it was still perched on the wreath with its wings gently flapping in the breeze.

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