Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Krista Gets Married!

Last weekend we traveled to Utah for Krista's wedding. We left Wednesday night in order to spend the night in Worland and cut 90 minutes off our trip the next day. Brandon and I had decided that when Jasper got up for the second time, we'd just give him a bottle, put him in his car seat, and let him sleep most of the way. Well, Brandon and I were both wide awake at 1:00, and Jasper didn't get up for the first time until 2:00 (which would put his second feeding at about 7:00 or 8:00), so we packed up and headed out by 2:30. Despite the ridiculously early hour, the drive was relaxing, as there was no traffic! We arrived in Ogden by just after 8:00!!

We spent the afternoon shopping and had a great family dinner at Chuck-a-Rama before turning in for the evening. The next morning brought about Krista & Kyle's wedding day, so it was off to the temple! The sealing session was great, and it's awesome to be adding another great member to our family! Welcome, Normster!!

During the photo session, we found a butterfly hovering around a nearby flower bed. I went over to check it out and discovered that it was a swallowtail, just like the one that we released at Kerrigan's campsite. It was nice to know that her little spirit was with us on such a wonderful day!

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