Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween was a busy day at the Richardson household! Between decorating sugar cookies and baking cupcakes for trunk-or-treating and going trick-or-treating in downtown Cody, we hardly had a moment to catch our breaths. Not Brandon, naturally, as he was at work all day and missed out all the festivities. (Granted, the carwash was down again so he spent all day slaving away on that) Thankfully, Krista was there to help decorate cookies with me. Have a look at our creativity:

And then there was trick-or-treating in Cody. Kerrigan was thrilled to go with Oma and Opa. The day only got better when Otto and Paula Wells came with their little dog. The dog had Kerrigan tickled pink!

Later that night, we had trunk-or-treating at the church. Kerrigan acquired quite a haul of candy. She had Nonny take her half way around the parking lot, then changed her mind and decided that Aunt Krista had to take her the rest of the way. While we waited for Daddy to show up, Kerrigan regailed quite a few people with a special dance to "Monster Mash" (video not included). Unfortunately, Daddy missed the whole thing. Oh, well.

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