Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grateful "D"

I've been horrible with keeping this updated. Hopefully I'll get through the alphabet by 2009.

I am grateful for dads. I've got three great dads in my life...three of the greatest dads a person could ask for!

How many dads would dress up like THIS? My dad is great because of the things he is willing to do for his family. He works hard to provide a great living for his family, which is something that I took for granted sometimes while I was growing up. There are times where he's strange, odd, and just plain funny...times we wonder how my sisters and I turned out somewhat normal. But family dinners and game nights are never dull when Dad's around.

My father-in-law is another great dad. It amazes me how, though he is a hard worker and a busy outdoorsman, he is wonderful with children. Kerrigan loves her Opa and will often request him above anyone else in the family. Brandon always has great stories to tell about times spent hunting, working on the house, fishing, or horseback riding with his dad.

Never have I seen a little girl so smitten with her daddy as Kerrigan is with Brandon. And good thing, too. He loves her to pieces and is the greatest daddy. Though I know he often wishes he had a son to do "boy stuff" with, he never hesitates to expose Kerrigan to all the things little boys would get to do. He takes her horseback riding, fishing in Opa's horse trough, fossil hunting. Though it makes me jealous sometimes that she prefers Brandon over me, I'm glad that she has such a great daddy to go to.

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Jill Asay said...

You are so blessed to have great guys in your life!